Test Your Child

  1. Give your child 5 simple instructions, such as:

    • Go to your room
    • Put on your green jacket
    • Get your red notebook
    • Put away your toys
    • Then meet me downstairs

    If sometime later you go to your child's room and he or she is still playing, you may get into an argument about why your instructions weren't followed. Your child may say he/she did do what you said, but you say he/she didn't.

    What happened? The child may have told the truth and really didn't get all the instructions because there was a delay in processing the spoken requests. He/she may have only received 2 out of the 5 instructions. You may not realize that the child thinks he/she did what you requested.

    A hearing test may have come out fine; the child may be able to follow instructions in school (by looking at what the other kids are doing). But if you understand what the problem is, it is fixable.

  2. You just saw a movie with your child or read a story together. Ask the child to tell you about the story. The child may have problems such as:

    • Not telling you the main idea
    • Jumping around, not telling things sequentially
    • Becoming fascinated by colors or other details
    • Perpetually correcting himself or herself

    There are methods to compensate to prevent school failure.