My Clients

You, the parent, know your child better than anyone else. You may have asked for help, only to be told your child does not need an evaluation. You may have tried mass-market tutoring chains with unsuccessful results. If your child has been assessed, you may have signed an IEP (Individual Education Plan), but have not been satisfied with the progress your child is making.

You know your child is bright! Or you know your child is capable of more than what he or she is doing in school. There is no such thing as an unmotivated child. I can help make learning fun.

Undiagnosed symptoms, characteristics and behaviors may include:

  • Becoming hyperactive, especially after eating
  • Tapping, twitching or rocking
  • High skills in some areas, low skills in others
  • Unable to learn sequentially
  • Excessive erasing and re-writing in order to be perfect
  • No spaces between words
  • Inability to listen and take notes
  • Low self-worth and feeling "stupid"
  • Doesn't fit in, few friends
  • Gift of gab but cannot translate into writing
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Auditory or visual problems
  • Reading, writing or drawing with head down like this:

Diagnosed problems:

  • Dyslexia - a "processing of information problem" which can show up in reading, writing, following directions and/or math. It can show up in the visual or auditory mode. The positive side to Dyslexia is that hidden talents are often uncovered with Specialized Tutoring
  • ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder
  • ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactvity Disorder